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My child was sick in the night, do I bring him/her to playgroup today?

No, please keep your child at home for 48 hours.

My child has a rash, do I bring him/her to playgroup today?

No, we are not experts on infectious diseases, please see your GP.

My child has head lice, can I treat him/her later? 

No, Please talk to your local pharmacy and treat him before s/he returns to Playgroup

When I drop my child off, where do I park?

It is playgroup policy that car drivers  park beyond the building in the designated car parks. You must leave the passing bays opposite the group clear AT ALL TIMES for the safety of all children

Do I need to bring a change of clothes for my child?

Yes please, accidents do happen and children prefer to change into their own clothes if possible.

Do I need to bring my own nappies?

Yes please, we will send changed nappies home for you to dispose of as we have no rubbish collection. Nappies will be labelled with the name of the person changing and the time.

Do I need a packed lunch for my child?

Only if they are staying over at lunch time [12.00-12.30]. We will supply all drinks. Children will also be given snacks/drinks mid morning and afternoon.

Do I need to sun cream my child on sunny days?  

Yes, we will re apply to those who stay all day (PERMISSION REQUIRED ON REGISTRATION FORMS). Please put sun cream in your child's bag, particularly if they have allergies and need specific brands.

Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to frequently asked playgroup questions:

Will my child need indoor shoes?  

Yes please, we also require children to wear socks at all times for going in the ball pond and on the bouncy castle

Do I need to put my child's name in anything?  

Yes please, coats, cardigans and particularly shoes, as many of them wear the same shoes/styles and sizes. It is also important to name bags and lunch boxes.

If I have a complaint, what do I do?  

Please talk to Helen. If you feel this is not appropriate you can either call Loretta on 07973725507 or the Ofsted Helpline . On display at group.

How can I get involved in decision making at my child's playgroup?  

All parents are automatically members of the committee and are very welcome to join us at our meetings, where we make all decisions about your playgroup. Meetings are termly and always publicised in the lobby and our newsletters.

Please feel free to talk to Helen or Jackie, if you have any other questions